logo 2019We have been assisting to our Clients to reach their goals for almost 20 years. Instead of many words here is the list of our previous Clients who have ordered our services or had relationship with our executives before.

It is considered that the good advisor knows everything or alleges them leastwise. We do not claim that we know everything, but we pursue to be the best in our profession. We do not satisfy with the average service. We proudly say that, all of our clients have been satisfied with our service .

Satisfaction of our Clients is not just a slogan for Us, but it is the principal of our profession.

Our Company is member of the Chamber of Hungarian Auditors (reg. No.: 004297)

Our company has liability insurance covered by a global insurance firm in the field of audit and accounting services.

We can proudly say that We are in close partnership with other international and Hungarian accounting firms with excellent reputation and references. Our aggregated annual revenue from consultancy is more than 1 million euro, with more than 40 people. Each of the represented companies has membership in different global professional alliances like TIAG or Prime Global.

This background provides the required knowledge and safety to our Customers.